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Kühn, R., Römer, J. and Ziegler, F. (2018). Comparison of Ab- and Adsorbents for Low Temperature Heat Driven Sorption Cooling Machines. International Journal of Refrigeration. Elsevier Ltd.

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Albers, J., Nurzia, N. and Ziegler, F. (2010). Simulation and experimental Analysis of a solar driven Absorption Chiller with partially wetted Evaporator.. Journal of solar Energy Engineering, 011016.1–011016.8.


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Buchin, O., Jänicke, B., Meier, F., Scherer, D. and Ziegler, F. (2016). The role of building models in the evaluation of heat-related risks. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 963–976.

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Cudok, F., Giannetti, N., Ciganda, J. L. C., Aoyama, J., Babu, P., Coronas, A., Fujii, T., Inoue, N., Saito, K., Yamaguchi, S. and Ziegler, F. (2021). Absorption heat transformer - state-of-the-art of industrial applications. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 110757.

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