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Operational experiences and system improvement measures for gas absortpion heat pump systems
Zitatschlüssel CorralesCiganda2014
Autor A.Kühn and R.Graf and Schmitt-Gehrke, P and Corrales-Ciganda, J L
Buchtitel Proceedings of the Ammonia and CO2 Refrigeration Technologies
Jahr 2015
ISBN 978-2-36215-008-1
Adresse Ohrid, Macedonia
Jahrgang -
Herausgeber -
Serie -
Zusammenfassung Gas absorption heat pumps (GAHP) have the potential to increase the efficiency of heating systems compared to systems with conventional boiler technology. Technische Universität Berlin has investigated the performance of three NH3/H2O GAHP systems in Berlin, namely: a) four air source GAHPs to provide space heat at a public swimming pool, b) one ground source GAHP supported by a solar collector field to provide space heat and domestic hot water at a kindergarten and c) six ground source GAHPs, including a solar collector field for ground heat recovery that provides space heat at a residential care home for disabled persons. Operational data for each of the systems is presented in this paper. An analysis of the performance data has revealed potential for system improvement at all three systems. For two of the investigated systems poor performance at part load cause the seasonal efficiency to be lower than expected. System designs for full load operation can result in excessive auxiliary energy consumption for part load, but even for full load, much attention must be paid to the design of the auxiliary components for the low temperature source, especially for air source machines. Also the control strategy must be carefully designed, aiming to operate the heat pumps at the best possible efficiency, while avoiding frequent ON-OFF operations. Considering all found problems, improvement measures for the design and control of all three studied systems have been proposed and implemented when possible. All implemented measures have resulted in an improved system performance of up to 10 per cent.
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