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Experimental investigation of the characteristics of a jet-ejector and a jet-ejector cooling system operating with R134a as a refrigerant
Zitatschlüssel Zegenhagen2015b
Autor Zegenhagen, M T and Ziegler, F
Seiten 173–185
Jahr 2015
ISSN 0140-7007
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ijrefrig.2015.01.001
Journal International Journal of Refrigeration
Jahrgang 56
Zusammenfassung Abstract Due to their simplicity, jet-ejector cooling systems have been investigated for different applications despite their lower thermal COPth in comparison to alternative thermally-driven cooling technologies. The present paper aims at the derivation of a simple method of representation of the operation characteristics of a jet-ejector cooling system for changing boundary conditions. Thereto, a jet-ejector cooling system operating with the refrigerant R134a has been experimentally investigated in double choking operation of the jet-ejector. The jet-ejector operation is characterized by the entrainment ratio μ in dependence of the adequate stagnation pressure ratios. The results are discussed in a non-dimensional graph as a three dimensional surface from which characteristic lines may be deduced. In several graphs, the motive, condenser and evaporator pressures are linked with the entrainment ratio μ, the cooling capacity Q ˙ 0 , the thermal COPth and the hydraulic COPh allowing a comprehensive determination of the system operation.
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