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Optimization of a gas absorption heat pump system
Zitatschlüssel Corrales_RoburKita_AmmoniaConf_2013
Autor Ciganda, J L Corrales and Graf, R and Kühn, A and Ziegler, F
Buchtitel Proc. of the 5th IIR Conference Ammonia Refrigeration Technology
Jahr 2013
Adresse Ohrid, Macedonia
Zusammenfassung In the course of an energy-efficient modernization of a kindergarten in Berlin a 35 kW gas absorption heat pump using NH3/H2O as working pair has been installed in 2010. Domestic hot water production and space heating are additionally supported by a 15 m2 solar collector. The low temperature heat is supplied to the heat pump system by four 100 m long vertical ground probes. In this paper operation data for the period 2011-2012 are presented. Gas Utilization Efficiencies (G.U.E.) are calculated and compared for different demand profiles. The comparison of measured G.U.E. values with manufacturer data revealed potential for system optimization. Based on operation analysis modifications of the control strategy and alternative hydraulic set-ups for an improved performance are presented.
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