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Flow patterns of vertical and horizontal adiabatic two-phase flow in a plate heat exchanger single channel with uniform gas-liquid distribution: Paper ID 512
Zitatschlüssel Buscher2019b
Autor Buscher, Susanne
Buchtitel Proceedings of the 25th IIR International Congress of Refrigeration: Montréal (Canada), August 24-30, 2019
Jahr 2019
ISBN 9782362150357
Verlag Elsevier
Serie ICR
Zusammenfassung Flow patterns of air-water two-phase flow are investigated for various flow directions in a transparent cross-corrugated channel with almost ideal, i. e. uniform, gas-liquid injection. A flow pattern map is derived from visual classification of photographs. Flow directions have little effect on flow patterns. This is attributed to the centrifugal force often dominating over buoyancy in the helical flow path. The ratio of centrifugal to buoyancy force is quantified by the centrifugal Froude number. Bubbly flow patterns are pre-determined by the homogeneous void fraction in the same way as in tubes. However, so-called slug flow is not observed, although being reported for cross-corrugated channels by other authors. Slugging is caused by non-uniform inlet conditions and other oscillating two-phase phenomena in the experimental periphery of the cross-corrugated channel.
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