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Refrigeration Technology I 2010/2011

The lecture Refrigeration Technology I in winter semester 2010/2011 takes place on Thursday 8-10 am in room HL 001.

Lecture Refrigeration Technology

The lecture Refrigeration Technology is offered in two semesters. Refrigeration Technology I takes place in winter semester, Refrigeration Technology II "Thermally Driven Cooling"(English-language) in summer semester.

  • Refrigeration I deals with the basic and important refrigeration processes with the exception of sorption refrigeration technology which is a topic of Refrigeration Technology II. Besides compression refrigeration processes Refrigeration Technology I deals also with wearing processes, ultra-low refrigeration and magnetic cooling.
  • Refrigeration II deals with sorption refrigeration processes in a detailed way, because this is the researching field of the department (see Article from the TU International 62 and Article from the TU International 65). Most of the process are driven with heat, especially with waste heat, district hear and solar energy. Refrigeration Technology II is an English-speaking lecture. For this course we offer a tutorial.
These courses do not include a script, but there will be distributed hand-outs. Prerequisites are good skills in technical thermodynamics.

Content Refrigeration Technology I

  1. Introduction and Basics
    1. Definitions thermodynamics
  2. Freezing mixtures
    1. Principles, substances
  3. Cold vapour process
    1. Basics
    2. Switching and function
    3. Refrigerant
    4. Components
    5. Switching versions
  4. Cold gas process
    1. Process
    2. Applications
  5. Trans-critical process
    1. Process
    2. Applications
  6. Others
    1. Ultra-low refrigeration
    2. Peltier
    3. Cyclone tube
Literature: Jungnickel, Agsten, Kraus: Grundlagen der Kältetechnik Cube, Steimle, Lotz, Kunis: Lehrbuch der Kältetechnik Band I und II

Content Refrigeration Technology II

  1. Single-effect Absorption Chiller
    1. Operation
    2. Typical data and limits
    3. Economics and ecology
  2. Thermodynamics
    1. Clausius-Clapeyron
    2. Boiling-point elevation
    3. Solution field
    4. Heat ratio, COP, temperatture lift and thrust
    5. Working pairs
  3. Components            
    1. Evaporator and condenser            
    2. Absorber and regenerator            
    3. Solution heat exchanger            
    4. Pumps and valves            
    5. Others
  4. Balance of plant            
    1. Diagramms            
    2. Balances            
    3. Characteristic equation
  5. Technical details            
    1. Purging            
    2. Crystallisation prevention            
    3. Rinsing
  6. Process improvement            
    1. GHX, AHX            
    2. GAX            
    3. Double-Effect
  7. Multistaging            
    1. Elementary cycles and superposition            
    2. Multi-effect and multi-lift
  8. Hybride heatpumps            
    1. Osenbrück-Cycle            
    2. Variations and applications
  9. Solid sorption            
    1. Working pairs            
    2. Differences to liquid sorption
  10. Open systems  
Literature: Herold, Radermacher, Klein: Absorption Chillers and Heat Pumps

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